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Training Opportunities

In addition to one-on-one meetings to discuss research projects, and informal meetings with collaborators and visitors, the following are regularly scheduled training opportunities that lab members participate in:

1. Laboratory meetings, weekly, with rotation of topical presentations (Monday AM)

2. Pharmacology Department Research Discussions, weekly, two presentations by trainees in all department laboratories (Friday AM with bagels and coffee)

3. Molecular Pharmacology Journal club; weekly, different topics each quarter, presentation of journal papers (Monday lunchtime with pizza)

4. Pharmacology Department Seminars (Tuesday noon); seminars by invited speakers,

approximately biweekly in Fall and Spring, and weekly in Winter as a thematically based seminar course

5. Cardiovascular Seminar series (CVS), presentations by visiting and UCSD Faculty (Friday lunchtime)   

6. Department Postdoctoral Fellows social, yearly

7. Pharmacology Department Retreat (full day, off campus, every other year)

8. Pharmacological Sciences Trainees Retreat (half day,each spring)


There are also a variety of courses and training opportunities for students and fellows, offered through the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, the Molecular Pharmacology Training Grant, the Rady Business School, the Moore Comprehensive Cancer Center and the California Stem Cell Program.

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